Bed Bugs

Beg bugs are one of the most troubling insects that can be found in your home. They are flat, small,  parasitic organisms that feed solely off blood to survive. Their saliva can cause allergic reactions when bitten, and cause wounds that can become infected.



What do they look like?

  • Brown to Reddish-brown in color in adults

  • Whitish yellow in color as juvenile (also they are barely seen by the naked eye)

  • They are Flat, oval shaped if they haven't fed

  • Rounded and oval shaped like a blown-up balloon if recently fed

  • Contain six legs and four antennas

What do their eggs look like?

  • Translucent white

  • Size of a pinhead

Being roughly the size of a small sunflower seed bed bugs are typically  hard to see and can quickly grow in population, so it's vital to know the signs to prevent an infestation.


What to look for:

  • Dark red exoskeletons or fragments

  • Red marks or bugs bites on arms, legs or back after waking up

  • A slightly sweet musky smell

  • Small ,Dark red droppings.

  • Red spots on beds

How we treat them:

Here at Seabreeze we send out our trained technicians to check for these signs and then treat your home in the appropriate way for your situation. Bed bugs can be tricky to spot, but our technicians know every which and way they like to hide. They take the extra step to make sure these pests aren't hiding anywhere else in your house.

We also suggest an easy way to prevent them from living in your mattress which is to purchase a mattress encasement. They trap and discourage these insects from making your mattress their home because they have no where to hide.


Saferest is a great company who specializes in these mattress covers. We buy them wholesale so you can purchase them through our services.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs call us at 727-841-9880, and don't forget to ask about Saferest products.

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