Core Aeration

Core Aeration Service

What is Core Aeration?​​

Core Aeration is a lawn process that improves grass quality by stimulating its roots. When soil becomes compacted from normal activities like mowing, walking, playing, and drought oxygen, water and nutrients are restricted from reaching the root system causing your turf to die.

How it's done:

  • We use a machine called a core aerator which looks like a standing lawnmower, but instead of blades there is a tool that looks like the picture to the right.

  • This machine uses pegs that remove 1-2 inch plugs from the ground.

  • Potash is then placed to help restore nutrients back into the soil.

The Benefits of Core Aeration:

Core Aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through:


  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere

  • Enhanced soil water uptake

  • Improved fertilizer nutrient uptake and uptake

  • Reduced water runoff and puddling

  • Stronger turf grass roots

  • Reduced soil compaction

  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance

  • Improved resiliency ans cushioning

  • enhanced thatch breakdown 

Aeration can also help bring the value of your home up because of the added aesthetic qualities. Your lawn will look fantastic making the price increase.

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