Fire & Other Ants

Fire ants are a reddish-brown venomous insect and vary from 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length. They are a big problem in the Southern United States due their aggressive behavior and damage both inside and outside the home. They can tear up lawns, destroy plants,feed on scraps, and when they attack they continue biting causing serious injury. During winter months they move inside buildings and create a nest near warm areas such as a bathtub or water heater. 

How to spot them:

  • Multiple mounds of loose soil in sunny and open areas

  • Sudden torn up plants or lawns










This is a fire ant colony floating on

water. Beware of anything that look similar.

How do I get rid of Fire Ants?

There are different ways to eliminate them. Granular or liquid baiting is one option or some clients prefer to have an insecticide that is special formulated for ants applied.​​​


One of the most recommended fire ant insecticides is TopChoice.  This method is effective and cost-efficient since it only requires once a year application. It not only takes care of fire ants, but also stops them from creating new colonies. This is why our trained professionals offer this product with guaranteed results.


**TopChoice should only be applied by professionals only. Serious injury may occur.

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