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4th of July Safety Tips


Just because we are exterminators that doesn't mean we don't care. The fourth of July is on a Thursday this year and we want to make sure all our customers and fellow Americans stay safe this National Holiday. Below is some festive information we think you may enjoy along with important fireworks, pet, children, and celebration safety tips.

History of 1776

Whether you know the story of American Independence or not here is little information about US History and what this holiday means for every single American.

Let’s start by explaining what Independence Day is. The 4th of July is the day from which American severed ties with England thus- gaining their independence. The year was 1775 and tensions were growing between Britain and the 13 colonies due to taxation made by the British government. The colonies were angry because they were not being represented in the British parliament and demanded that they should be. This uprising caused the start of the American Revolution in May 1775 when shots were fired in Lexington and Concord.


By 1776 the majority of the colonies were in favor of complete independence and by the end of June and early July the Colonies were discussing the resolution for independence. On July 4th 1776 Congress officially adopted the Declaration and made it public by July 6th 1776. Although the United States became their own separate entity he revolutionary war did not end until a couple years late in 1783.

For more details please visit PBS Website here or History Channels Page Here about the revolutionary war.

Fireworks Safety Tips

  • Never use fireworks indoors

  • Do not aim a firework at a person, house, or wooded area (or anything flammable)

  • Never handle fireworks while intoxicated

  • Do not let small children handle fireworks

  • Keep water nearby in case of an emergency

  • Always wear protective eye equipment when you are handling fireworks

  • Do not ever use illegal fireworks (they are illegal for a reason)

  • Make sure fireworks are allowed in your area before igniting

  • Soak used or unused fireworks preferably overnight before throwing away

Pet Safety

Bang! Pop! Crack! How would you like it if you heard loud unknown sounds coming from every direction? You probably wouldn’t like it and this is how animals feel during this time of the year- terrified. They don’t know what’s going on or how to stop it. All they know is that they want it to STOP.

The fourth of July is one of the worst holidays for animals and we want to make sure they stay safe. Here are a few tips to ensure your pet has the least stressful time during your celebration.

  1. Make sure your pets are up to date with all their tags or microchip information.

  2. Leave your pets at home while you go to festivities. Put them in a safe room where they cannot escape and make them as comfortable as possible.

  3. Take a quick picture of your pets in case they may escape so you can show others.

  4. If necessary, contact your veterinary professional for medications to help with stress levels.

  5. Keep your pets inside at all times.

  6. Try a thunder shirt or similar “hugging” material to make your pet feel safe

  7. Never allow your pets near any type of firework or hot grill.

For more tips please visit the American Veterinary Medical Associations Page Here-----à Click Here to go to their website.

Child Safety

Independence Day is a day for the whole family. Kids of all ages love this holiday and no matter where you celebrate I guarantee there will be a few. Children aren’t afraid and are so curious they may end up hurting themselves or others if precautions aren’t taken. They can certainly be part of the celebration so here are a few tips to keep them and other around them safe.

  1. Do not leave children unsupervised around explosives (Fireworks)

  2. Never let a child ignite a firework by themselves

  3. Leave fireworks to professionals if possible

  4. Make sure your child wears protective wear even around sparklers (sparklers are one of the top burns a child receives on this day)

  5. Keep children away from lit grills or fire pits

  6. Never leave your child unsupervised around a bonfire (Roasting food too close can burn)

For more information please visit Here or see overall safety see ABC News Here.

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