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Lawn Treatment Services

Welcome to our Lawn Services Page!
Here you will find some information about your lawn and what we offer to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Keep scrolling for more.

All pictures are serviced lawns by Seabreeze Pest Control. These are real customer lawns.

A perfect lawn is something most homeowners strive for. A lush green lawn with a beautiful landscape can take anyone's breath away. Achieving a picturesque lawn can seem almost impossible, but it doesn't have to be. We specialize in lawn treatments so you don't have to. We are not a lawn business, so we do not cut or trim lawns, but we do have offer lawn care information for each season. Click the buttons at the bottom of the page for County Watering Schedules and Lawn Maintenance. 

We offer three different programs, and one separate service, to provide your lawn with exactly what it needs. These programs also vary in pricing to fit your budget. They are as follows:

  • Program 10: Which includes 10 treatments per year. Timing applications for maximum product capability. Includes service calls. Great program for a lawn that needs weed control and fertilizer needs.

  • Program 12: Which includes 12 treatments per year along with FLEA TREATMENTS!  This takes your lawn to the next level ~Timing applications of pre-emergent, insecticide and fertilizers. Fungicide applications as needed  and service calls.  Best value for your dollar and the most popular treatment program.

  • Premier Program with Core Aeration: Which includes 12 treatments per year along with FLEA TREAMENTS,  fungicide applications as needed,  service calls and a Core Aeration.  The Core Aeration is a process where we use a machine that pulls out plugs from your soil allowing water nutrients and sunlight to penetrate the root system while reducing compaction. This also takes your lawn to the next level ~ Timing applications of pre-emergent, insecticide and fertilizers.  

Please call us at (727) 841-9880 or visit our contact page for more information about what each lawn program includes. We offer free estimates so our technicians can see what program best fits your wants and needs.


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