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Brown Bug Eating Plants and Stinking up Lawns

Pee-ew what stinks? And why do my bugs have holes all over them? Asking these questions? Well, there’s only one culprit that comes to mind first- the stink bug. More specifically, the brown marmorated stink bug. This insect originated in Asia but now spawn all over the United States and can be most found near agricultural fields, recreational parks, homeowners gardens, and in other areas where fruit and flowering plants are found.

This stink bug can be a problem to homeowners when they start to destroy garden plants or move indoors during the fall. And don’t forget their most unforgettable feature- their smell. True to their name they stink! Who wants their home to smell bad when you have guests, or even just on the daily? Not me, and I’m sure not you. Read on to find out important information regarding these stinky pests.

What do these Stink Bugs look like?

Marmorated Brown Stink Bug picture taken from vtinvasives.org

Stink bugs have a very dis-stink (get it?) look. This of course depends on the life stage that the insect is in, but here we will focus on the adult appearance. The fully-grown adult is a little larger than normal stink bugs and have a half diamond shape- imagine a diamond but the top (head) is smaller and blunt compared to the rest of the body. They are usually a mixture of beige and dark brown on the top in a spotted-like fashion. They, like other insects, have 6 legs and 2 antennae.

They eat…eat…and eat!

Brown stink bugs are known to cause problems for agriculture, especially involving those with fruit trees. This insects main source of food is the juice of fruits, but that doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY food source. Like many other insects- aside from the potato beetle- the brown marmorated stink bug has also been know to eat the vegetative parts of plants such as their stem, foliage, nuts, and flowers. Now you can see how having these pests in your garden can be a problem- name one plant that doesn’t have one of these qualities. Although they do still prefer flowering fruit plants that doesn’t mean they wont go after some of your vegetables or flowers.

You can keep them at bay.

Yes, you heard that right. You can keep these pesky insects away. Of course, they may come back which is why we always recommend a treatment plan for not only stink bugs but other insects too.

Here are a few proven ways you can rid them from inside and outside your home.

  1. Gently remove stink bugs from inside your home using gloves or soft material, be careful NOT to squish them!

  2. Squish some stink bugs OUTSIDE- their scent warns others to stay away. Try squishing them in problem areas.

  3. Call an expert exterminator to spray pesticides on the outside of your home (it’s much safer than a do it yourself option)

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