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Do I have German Roaches?

If you are asking this question then chances are that you have a roach problem. Now, there are a few species of roaches that can have entered your home, so German roaches may not be the issue. With that being said, if you do suspect German roaches then you need to treat them right away. These pesky creatures can reproduce faster than others which can cause an infestation to occur in much less time, making your home susceptible to damage and your health at risk. Knowing more about them can help you identify and prevent them from entering your house.

What they look like

There are a few characteristics that can help you distinguish German roaches for other common species. The most notable is their size. They range from 1/2 to 5/8 inch in length which much smaller than Florida’s Palmetto bugs that range 2 to 3 inches. This massive size difference is a sure fire way to know. There is one more characteristic that you should look for. On their heads they have 2 parallel lines that run down their thorax.

Other Characteristics:

  • Tan to Dark Brown in Color

  • Males have slender body

  • Females have a rounder body

  • 6 legs

  • 2 Antennae

Where They Come From

German roaches usually come from outside sources like grocery bags, moving boxes, friends, restaurants or any other commercial places. Even though they usually come from outside sources that doesn’t mean those are the ONLY ways. German roaches, like others, are attracted to food, grease, and garbage so if you leave food lying around or you forget to take out the trash you are asking them to enter your home.

They can hide in inconspicuous places

Because of their size, German roaches are able to squeeze into even smaller cracks. They prefer warm moist environments so they can typically be seen hiding in cabinets, under sinks, and just anywhere where moisture is present so your kitchen and bathrooms are going to be some of the most favorable places.

They are more active at night so you’ll see them more when the sun goes down. If you start to see them during the day then they may be desperate for a food source or they could be dying if you recently used a pesticide on them.

Getting Rid of Them Can Take Time

German roaches are not a quick fix insect. Ridding them from your house will take some time and it is not recommended that you treat them yourself. Pesticides that can be purchased at the store may not be strong enough depending on how bad your infestation is, and you may need to apply them a certain way to see results. It is best to call a professional with certified chemicals to deal with the problem. Technicians, who are certified, like those at Seabreeze Pest Control, know where to look, how to treat, and know exactly what to expect after the treatment so you can be prepared. They can also give you tips on precautions that can lower the risk of them reoccurring.

Here are a few tips to help reduce your homes chances of Roaches

  • If you have pets, make sure to keep their food and water dishes clean

  • Repair and leaks you may have in your home

  • When you shop or buy anything check the bags or boxes for any signs of them

  • Clean any spills in your home such as juice, alcohol, sodas, etc.

  • Reduce clutter

  • Don’t leave food lying around

  • Fix any cracks in your home such as moldings


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