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Do Moth Balls Work?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Clothing Bugs

You may have seen them in the laundry section in the grocery store or you even remember your parents or grandparents sticking them in your closet. These round pungent smelling balls are a type of pesticide that can be used to repel clothes moths from closets, boxes, and closed spaces. Clothes Moths destroy animal materials such as wool, fur, or leather causing damage to your high-quality products.

Where do I get them?

Moth balls are an extremely easy pesticide to obtain. You don't need a special license or any education to buy them; you should, however, take some time and do research about any home pesticide product you want to use. They are still a popular over-the-counter item that you can get at any local supermarket or grocery store. Some drugstores may not have them, but if you are unsure you can always call or ask a store associate to check. You can even find them online, and have them shipped to your home (We do not recommend this due to contamination.)

Now…do they work?

When used properly, yes. Moth balls are made of either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene two strong working and strong smelling chemicals. When these chemicals are in a sealed container the fumes are strong enough to kill these pesky insects, but they MUST be in a completely sealed container for best results and for your safety.

Moth balls have also been known to deter other insects, snakes, rats, and mice but this is not a 100% sure method to keep them away and they can be dangerous when exposed to water. You should call your local Pest Control Expert for information and safe treatments to keep your home pest free.

Are they dangerous?

Now we move on to the fine print. Moth balls contain a pesticide that is a probable carcinogen; a carcinogen is a substance that may cause problems to human health; like cancer. Because this pesticide is a probable carcinogen it is important to wear Personal Protective equipment (PPE) when handling anything that contains it. The PPE you should use are as followed: gloves, clothing, eye wear and mouth covering. These protective items should be made with material that does not allow the pesticide to travel to your body. For more information google MOTH BALLS FACT SHEET or CLICK HERE.

Exposure is dangerous to humans and animals and can cause a variety of health concerns. If you, a child, or animal has ingested a moth ball please seek medical help immediately. For this reason we also DO NOT recommend you put them outside around your home and lawn. Moth balls are a fumigant meaning that it produces fumes that go out into the air and is harmful to not only your family, but your neighbors as well.

Do I need to know anything else?

Well…you should always seek an expert’s advice like those at Seabreeze Pest Control if you are dealing with any pest issue. Moth balls may NOT be the answer and can put you and your family in unnecessary danger when used incorrectly. Sometimes what you think may be a bug eating your clothes could be an even worse insect like termites, or you could have rats running around your home. The best thing to remember is that there are trained professionals who devote their live to make sure your home stays pest free, and if you’re worried about pricing most companies would be glad to figure out a plan so you can get the services you want and need.


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