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Think You Have Rodents? Here Are the Signs.

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Sharing your home with unwanted house guests can be stressful, especially if those guests are rodents. These pests can cause structural damage, tear up: furniture and clothing, and contaminate surfaces like kitchen counters spreading diseases to your loved ones. Below are a few signs to look for and a few tips to help prevent them from living in your home.

Signs Of Rodents Indoors

  • Strong Odor with No Source: mice and rat urine has a pungent foul smell similar to ammonia.

  • Dark Oval Shaped Droppings: rat droppings are large and can be up to the length of a penny. Mice droppings are much small about ¼ to ½ the size of a penny.

  • Noises at Night: these sounds can be squeaking, scurrying, gnawing or scratching sounds. You may also hear noises in your attic.

  • Chew Marks around Window Sills or Baseboards: rodents teeth never stop growing so they need to chew in order to file down their teeth. If you start to see chew marks on wooden furniture in your house you may have a rat.

  • Holes that Have Enlarged or Appeared in Walls: rats and mice try to create small openings for them to pass from one place to another and hide or nest.

  • Shredded Paper or Other Nesting Material: rodents tear pieces of soft fabrics or paper products to build a nest. If you start to see random shreds around your home or stumble upon a large rounded pile then you have a rodent problem.

If you have any of these signs you may have a pest running around your home, but don’t fret! There are plenty of Pest Control Businesses like Seabreeze that can help remove and reduce the likelihood of them reoccurring. Remember to do your research when choosing a company that handles rodents. You should check out reviews and ask around before making a final decision so you can have quality results.


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