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WARNING: Formosan Subterranean Termites Confirmed in New Port Richey (34653) Florida

Updated: May 23, 2019

NPR, Florida – Home is where the heart is. You live there, love there, sleep there, have family reunions and barbecues in the backyard. It is a place of joy and relaxation. Now what if you found out that something was trying to take that all away? You would be concerned even irate. This something turns out to be termites, but not normal damaging termites but Formosan Subterranean Termites. This is exactly what happened to a homeowner in New Port Richey, Florida zip code 34653. Seabreeze Pest Control, a local business, found and is currently treating a home that The University of Florida confirmed to have Formosan Termites.

You may be thinking well…..why is this a big deal? They are just termites, right? I can treat them, and my home will be just fine. Unfortunately, you are only partially correct. Formosan Termites are much more problematic than regular Subterranean Termites. Yes, they can be treated but their numbers are much higher and can inflict more damage in less time than normal termites. They have been known to damage a home in half the time of other species. Therefore, they are an enemy to home and business owners. Luckily, they can be treated and the more quickly they are found, the better chances of less damage to your home or business, and this is exactly what Seabreeze has done- confirmed and treated.

Some signs that you may have termites are:

  • Flying termites, known as Swarmers

  • Mud tubes trailing from the ground up (look like branches crawling up a wall, windowsill, etc.)

  • Hollow sounding wood

If you live within the vicinity of Zip code 34653, or surrounding areas, and see any of these signs call a professional like Seabreeze Pest Control to check your home for termites. They are trained to detect and distinguish between normal or more damaging species like the dreadful Formosan. Do not wait to call an expert. The faster response the better chances you will have to getting back to those fun filled barbecues and family reunions.


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