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What is Potash?

If you’ve had any lawn care services or if you go to a home department store you may have heard them recommend something called potash which contains an important non-artificial nutrient. This is a fertilizer you can buy in store or in service by a lawn care professional. It’s used to help maintain healthy plant growth and help.

You may be wondering why use it? Well there are countless reasons, but here I’ll be telling you the most important.

So…what makes it special?

There are numerous benefits to Potash. This is a fertilizer composed of the macro nutrient known as potassium. Potassium is needed for both humans and plants but don’t go eating potash you can buy at the store. Humans should stick to foods high in potassium such as bananas, coconut water, and others. In plants Potassium helps balance PH, breaks down sugars, and assists water uptake.

Where does it come from?

Potash got its name by how it was first processed. Trees were burned and the ashes were collected from metal pots- thus pot ash or more like tree ash. This is a human process similar to the natural process of forest fires that burn and create a layer of nutrients that supply new plants with what they need to grow.

Now Potash is created removing potassium from rocks that also contain salts. The salt and potassium is separated and made into potash. You can actually make it yourself by burning wood but it’s much safer to either purchase it or the service of applying it to prevent any unwanted damage to your person or land.

Why use it?

For health growth! Potassium can bring a dry deteriorating turf back to life by providing the ability to soak up more water and be less susceptible to both insect and fungal disease. It also activated enzymes, important synthesis proteins, which also help with maintaining growth and drought resistance.

What about other fertilizers that contain nitrogen?

Although nitrogen containing fertilizers are good for maintaining your lawns health too much may cause more problems. Higher nitrogen attracts more insects which can damage your lawn and call for more heavy chemicals for prevention. Excess nitrogen can also runoff into waterways producing algal blooms that choke out oxygen destroying aquatic life.

If nitrogen fertilizers are used they should be regulated and the best way to prevent the above from happening is hiring a professional who knows the risks. They can tell you how much and alternatives to what your lawn may need.

A great example of too much nitrogen can be seen with the area of Orlando and Lake Okeechobee. The high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorous is what’s causing the damaging algal blooms in the lake, years of it. Using less nitrogen fertilizers is one way to prevent the further deterioration of this ecosystem. Potash be a great alternative, but make sure you ask an expert first, like a company that services lawns or pest control.


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