​​Rats and mice are destructive building pests.  They eat and contaminate food products, destroy textiles, upholstery, books, create holes in walls, doors and windows and are known to gnaw on electrical wiring, water pipes and gas lines.  They leave behind their droppings, urine and hairs making your allergies get worse. 


Rats and mice can also carry diseases and other illnesses that are spread through contact, feces, and bites.

How to spot them:

  • Holes in walls or floors

  • Droppings around the house

  • Nesting material like organic matter, insulation, or fabrics

  • Chewed holes in food packages

How We handle them:

Here at Seabreeze Pest Control we use a combination of snap traps, bait boxes and rodent proofing techniques to prevent rodents from getting into your home.  After setting out traps our exterminators visit periodically, or frequently depending on your situation, and check for any other signs such as a smell, more droppings, etc. and continue to treat your home. We will gladly return if you find anything in your trap.


Remember when the weather gets cold, rodents will be looking for a warm place to go and we don't want that to be your home! We have an affordable program that works if you suspect any rodents hiding on your property.

If you'd like more information about rodents and their dangerous visit the link below:

Center for Disease Control Website :  

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