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Protecting your mattress should be one of your top priorities when it come to your sleeping habits. 

Naturally, your skin losses skin cells while you sleep, and they pile up and begin attracting dust mites. Dust Mites are microscopic organisms that cannot be seen by the human eye. They are typically found in fabrics such as blankets, couches, love seats, carpets and clothes. They prefer to live in humid environments but that doesn't mean a dry bed can't have them. Dust mites can even make some health issues worth such as asthma, or other breathing problems caused by allergens.


Bed bugs are also a well-known problem that can affect a good nights rest. Visit our Bed Bug Page to find out more.

One top brand that we recommend is SafeRest** products. They protect your mattress not only from dust mites but also fluids. Their mattress covers are waterproof so they help keep your mattress free of spills or excess sweat during the night. These covers also prevent bed bugs from nesting into your mattress by sealing off any crevices or cracks

For more information on their products visit their website at: or give us a call today.

**We do not own the rights or manufacture Saferest branded products

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