Termites wreak havoc on homes causing expensive structural damage for residences. They can range in appearance depending on their role in the colony. The workers have a milky white color and the soldiers have the same body color but dark brown or black head. Reproductive termites have wings and look the same as flying ants, but their wings are larger in the front and smaller in the back.They feed on wood, fabric, cardboard, plants, and insulation. 


How to spot them:

  • Hollow sounds from wood

  • Thin, long, winged insects around home

  • Peeling wood or paint

  • Visible mud tubes

Determining which termite control product is best for your home means considering a number of factors. Needless to say, you want a product that works without question and uses the very latest technology available. You also want to be sure it is formulated with your family and the environment in mind, and that it is applied by experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Finally, you want to know it is manufactured by a company who cares and stands behind its product.


You could spend a great deal of time looking for a termite control product that meets all these criteria.  Or, you could look to the one product that has already been determined to by millions of homeowners just like you and our trusted source Termidor.


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